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Committee Members

  • Chairman and Librarian: Andy Dickson
  • Vice Chair: Colin Featley
  • Secretary: Jenny Shaw
  • Treasurer: David Mansfield
  • Minutes Secretary: Peter Hartley
  • Safeguarding officer/School Liaison: Sara Jackson
  • Communications, Networking, Facebook and Making Music: Sarah Hall & Frances Dickson
  • Web Master: David Farrow

Contact us us via the web form below, or our Facebook page:

4 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi !
    I’m Laura, a french flutist. I live in Kettering and I would like to play with an orchester.
    In France, I have played with an orchestra during 15 years.
    What kind of music do you play ?

    Laura Gutel

    1. Hi Laura,
      We play many types of music, mainly wind band music arranged for beginner to a fairly experienced level. Our repertoire is about grade 2 to 3 however we are looking over the next year to set up a more advanced group as we continue to expand.
      We have a lot of fun playing together and if you come along you will meet people who also play in other bands if we are not up to your level.
      As you will see on our website (just added) we are playing at the Umbrella Fair Festival on Sunday at 7pm if you would like to come and hear up play.

      Please keep in touch and we hope to see you at the band this September.


    1. Sorry, Andy, I’ve only just picked this up! In addition to the largely static website, we also have a Facebook page and a WhatsApp group. You should be able to find the former and ‘like’ us to pick up notifications from there. For the latter, if you want to join and let me have your mobile number I’ll get you added. If your daughter wants to, and you are happy with theatre, I can add her separately. There will be a bit of paperwork to get done, but there is absolutely no rush.

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