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Committee Members

  • Chairman: Andy Dickson
  • Vice Chair: Donna Rowan Gold
  • Secretary: Jo French
  • Treasurer: David Mansfield
  • Minutes Secretary: Donna Rowan Gold
  • Safeguarding officer: Jo French
  • Communications, Networking, Facebook and Making Music: Sarah Hall & Frances Dickson
  • Webmaster and Data Protection: David Farrow
  • Social Secretary: Chris Parr
  • Librarian: Louise Shaw
  • Concert secretary: Anna-Louise Langton

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10 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hello,
    I am a Soprano singer and my name is Gayathrie Patrick . I reside in Weedon Northampton and I was wondering if by any chance you would be interested in a solo singer to perform with your band for any of your future concerts. I have experience in singing with Brass and Silver bands . Thank you .
    Yours sincerely

  2. Hello Gayathrie,
    I’m just back from holiday, and was informed of your contact with our band. What a wonderful contact to receive.
    I’m certain that we can create opportunities to work together. We love musical collaborations and this sounds a fantastic opportunity.
    I’m meeting with our musical director this Friday and will talk this through. Is there any particular pieces that you favour singing and I can let him know.
    I apologise for taking so long to reply. I love the idea and am very keen to make this happen.
    Thanks for contacting us

  3. Hello. I was a grade 8 alto saxophone player but haven’t played properly for years and years. I have just seen you are looking to increase numbers. Would you be interested?

    1. Anna,
      I apologise for the very late reply. We would be very interested in another Saxaphone player.
      A combination of holidays and life have meant that I missed your contact with the band.
      Please call me whenever it’s convenient and I can tell you all about the band.
      My name is Andy and my contact number is 07928-389326..
      I look forward to speaking with you
      Once again, I’m sorry for the slow response
      Thanks for the contact

  4. Good Afternoon
    I am new to the village and have joined the local branch of the Royal British Legion. When I attended their meeting on Monday evening they are asking if anyone knows any brass players that maybe able to assist them at various occasions with things like the last post? would this be something one ot two of your players may be interested in doing?
    Kind Regards

    1. Hello Nicki,
      We’re always keen to help out with charitable and ceremonial events where we can.
      Please call in to a rehearsal and have a chat
      We rehearse every Monday from 7pm to 9pm.
      We normally take a 15 minute break half way through.
      Thanks for the contact

  5. The Rushden Historical Transport Society is holding its annual car rally in Hall Park, Rushden on Sunday 6th August. We would like to hire the band for that afternoon either playing a 2 hour set or 2×1 hour. The cost has been discussed with Phillip Andrews.

  6. Brixworth Village Hall is delighted that you continue to use our hall for rehearsals.
    Like many Village Halls we are always looking to find new revenue earning opportunities and with this in mind I wondered if you would be interested in a joint enterprise.
    We have a committee meeting on Wednesday and it would be great if I can put a favourable response from you in the discussion.

    1. Dennis,
      Thank you for making contact with the band. We are always keen to explore collaborative working with new or current partners.
      I will be very happy to talk through any proposals you have.
      We are a community band in name and work hard to be deserving of that title.
      Please report back to your meeting that you have a favourable response from our band
      Many thanks

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